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Feeling overwhelmed with work? Not enough time in the day? Missing out on spending time with friends and family? 

We have the perfect solution!

2 Simple Steps To Your Success

Time is really precious to us all and something that we seem to have less and less of as the world becomes more technological.  How many times do you hear people around you say they don’t know where the year has gone?

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, we are contactable 24 hour days. 

Don’t get me wrong, technology is the way forward, and to be honest, without it, we couldn’t offer the services we provide that can make your life easier, more organised and even happier.

It’s just… many business owners never seem to get time to stop and think anymore.

When was the last time you sat in a park and watched the world go by because you could? Or took the afternoon off at short notice to spend with a loved one?

The truth is I bet if you actually tried to do either, you would be sat there thinking about what you should be getting on with at work, your fingers would be twitching, you wouldn’t be fully attentive to the person you were with, your brain would be in overtime and you would be itching to get back.

There is no magic bullet to fix your ever increasing work schedule, but there are two simple ways we can make your life a lot easier.

Step 1: Teach you how to outsource admin tasks

Step 2: Implement good, solid business systems

So you are probably sat thinking “Yeah, wonderful.  If I had the money!”

Before you decide this is something you'll consider when you have a bit more cash in your pocket, just read the next couple short paragraphs.  It will only take a few moments and it could change your life forever.

When was the last time you sat in a park and watched the world go by because you could? Or took the afternoon off at short notice to spend with a loved one?

Okay, let’s get down to money.  That’s what we all look for first when we are researching new products and services, right?

If  you’re reading this, chances are you own a small business and you're struggling to keep up with the work that brings in money, let alone the every day tasks. So how are you planning on growing your business?

Right now your mindset is probably at "Affording an assistant is something I'd consider when I'm making a bit more cash."

Here's the rub. That type of thinking is a classic mistake of many small business owners.

Let me ask you something.  How can you make a bit more cash if you are busy spending time on the stuff that isn’t making you money?  Things like updating your website, raising invoices, chasing clients, getting side tracked with emails, trying to organise your diary, playing email ping-pong scheduling appointments, Facebook, Twitter, not automating systems wherever possible. The list goes on.

You can’t.

You cannot make money if you are spending a lot of time on general tasks.

What you can do is SAVE money by paying a set amount per month for an experienced virtual assistant to do various tasks.

So, back to money. 

Investing in a monthly support package will enable you to pass on the tasks which are holding you back and most likely making your life miserable.  Outsourcing is an investment in your future.

Get a fantastic virtual assistant and you will find they are much more proficient in doing tasks than you are.  They have the experience and knowledge to get on with it.

Ever spent hours trying to work out how to do something? Ended up researching the internet to find a ‘How To’ forum or video?  

The fact is that whilst you were doing that, you were LOSING money.

It's just taking that first step.

Simply by learning how to delegate and outsource tasks, you will be amazed at what you can achieve and how fast it will help you transform your business.

Investing in a virtual assistant will enable you to pass on tasks that are holding you back and making your life miserable. It is an investment in your future.

Want to know more?

If you’re unsure how to outsource, we are currently creating the perfect mini guidebook for you which will be ready by the end of this month (May 2019).

Our no-nonsense ‘Snapshot to Hiring A Virtual Assistant’ covers areas such as how to find your perfect virtual assistant, what you should look out for, payment options and what tasks you should consider outsourcing, plus a few more tips.

And the best thing...?

It’s free – yay!


Because we we’ve been in the business providing virtual assistance and online business manager support for 20 years and are more than happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained both as a business owner and service provider.

We understand the stresses and strains entrepreneurs go through and that you need good, solid, easy to understand information so you can just get on, and avoid as many pitfalls as possible.

To reserve your copy all you need to do is click on the button below and we'll send you your copy hot off the press.

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Tip: The best way to start working with a virtual assistant is to assign tasks that repeat indefinitely.  It's as simple as eating apple pie!

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