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Welcome to Back 2 Business Basics. It's really great to see you here! We wanted to give the business a name that resonates with our work.  Many freelance professionals suffer from over work and overwhelm and what we do to get them back on track is take them Back to Business Basics.

The idea was borne through my own experience of overwhelm and a ridiculous amount of stress when my business started running my life, when it should have been the other way around!

I think most business owners suffer from 'Hamster Wheel Syndrome' at some point - you're always doing and can't seem to stop to take breath. 

Running a business should be fun, right?  Running a business should enable you to earn the money you need to live and have a life too.  Take a few hours off, spend time with family and friends, make you feel happy.

Reality is that it is all too easy to get soooo wrapped up in your client's needs, you end up forgetting about yourself, start working longer hours and eventually everything gets to be too much. Result? Tears, tantrums, a feeling of failure and quite possibly an empty bank account.

I've been there, for a lot longer than I care to admit. But, I did something about it before it got the better of my sanity and I ended up broke.

Here at Back 2 Business Basics we offer a range of tips, tools, resources and programmes aimed at overworked freelancers 

We also provide a range Do-It-Yourself templates and checklists

Some of the programmes and downloads start right back at the planning stage.

Even though I've been in business for nearly 20 years I found that going back to the beginning helped me understand how to move forward.  

We include goal setting strategies, financial planning, how to conserve your energy levels, mindset and lots more. If you truly want to get your sanity and life back and start enjoying your business again, we make it possible. And the beauty is you can implement and learn at your own pace whilst still running your business.

Our strategies can help give the step up you need to move forward, free up time and potentially earn more money. 

We also have some fabulous free giveaways to boost your learning.

Warning! Our resources are not an instant magic fix.  We've given you the information we feel can make a difference. The main thing is for you to implement what you learn. This can be the hard to do. I totally understand that, but believe me, it can be done. I've done it! You may still feel the overwhelm for a while, you may still feel the stress for a while, but keep pushing through and you WILL get there.

We've started a private Facebook group for anyone who joins our community so we can all help and support each other.  Click on the link to join the group www.facebook.com/back2businessbasics 

Anything is possible!  Just believe in yourself and keep going, no matter how hard it gets.

I'm here for you.

Pat xxx


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