Blow their minds with a transformative story

No matter how strong your sales copy is, nothing seals a sale more than a story showcasing how YOUR productor service changed someone’s life. Your audience wants to know how your product or service will help them solve their problem.

People generally want some proof before spending their hard-earned money, so find transformative stories that are inspiring.

Start with your own story.
• What struggles did you face that convinced you to create your product/service?
• What was your experience?
• Did you have any setbacks along the way?
• What lessons did you learn?
• What results did you obtain from using your own product/service?

If that’s more detail than you’d like to share with your audience, find other customers who would be willing to answer those same questions.

Craft these answers into an endearing narrative that shows clearly how their life was transformed. Write this in a format that imitates a blog post (no bullet points here) but keep...

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