Keep them enthralled with kick-ass descriptive copy

Consider the first two paragraphs of your sales page as teasers: You’re hinting a little bit about what your product can do for the reader but you’re not giving away too much yet. Teasing your readers with strong copy will keep them on your page, reading and wanting more.

Offer hints of what your product/service can do and how your product will make your readers’ lives better. This is where your market research comes into play. If you asked your audience what they needed PRIOR to creating your product or service, you’ll be slightly ahead of the game.

Now you can say loudly that you listened to their needs and tout the benefits of your product or service. Following that path alone will earn you some credibility points but if you want these followers to become loyal buyers, follow through with an amazing product that your audience could only dream about.

If you are proud of your product/service, your excitement will shine through every word of your sales copy...

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