Starting from Ground Zero - #11 Top Tips to Building Your VA Client Base

One of the BIG questions I often get asked is “how did you find your first clients?”

I still see this question asked in some VA forums.

For me, personally, I started by going to client’s places of work and helping them out there.

I started my practice back in 1999 when not a lot of people knew what virtual assistance was or understood how it worked.

I knew (and it still stands) that one of the key ingredients to virtual assistance is trust. I began building my client base by physically going to local businesses and working with them in their own environment.

Two things happened.

  1. It allowed my clients to get to know me and learn to trust me.
  2. I was able to teach them how I could still support them working from my own office.

Once I had built trust with my clients, all my work came in via recommendations.

So, what would I advise to anyone starting up?

Here are my top #11 tips to building your virtual assistant client base.

  1. Give yourself some breathing space. Most...
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