Use glowing testimonials to eradicate their fears

What’s the difference between a testimonial and transformational, narrative story?

Narratives focus on the end results of using your product while testimonials talk about the benefits of your product.

In your narrative, your storyteller will share the results they experienced after purchasing your product and following your advice. Transformative results also yield lifelong positive results in other aspects of their life, which are also important to highlight.

Anyone reading your sales page should be inspired by these narratives and feel like the storyteller is speaking directly to them.

The reader should be able to relate to the storyteller and feel like “if they can do it, so can I.”

Testimonials focus more on the individual benefits of your product/service and, more importantly, they reduce customer anxiety.

You may encounter people who have never bought anything online before who are nervous about the prospect in general or you may find some readers who...

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