Still Feeling Tired and Burnt Out? It May Be Time for a Physical

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but sometimes your doctor's advice is the very thing you need to overcome fatigue and burnout. If you have been taking your self-care practice seriously but you still aren't experiencing any relief, it might be time for a physical.

In the field of psychiatry, the first thing a Psychiatrist requests that new patients do is get a physical. This is because many symptoms of mental distress can have a physical cause. It isn't wise to start treating a symptom of depression, fatigue, or burnout from a cognitive perspective if the underlying issue is a physical one.

A doctor can run blood tests to check on your organs, hormones, and other vital aspects of your health. Additional tests can be administered to eliminate possibilities of other physical issues that can manifest as fatigue.

Here are a few common culprits of low energy and fatigue:

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies - It is possible to experience fatigue due to vitamin and mineral...

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