When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable

I can’t tell you in words how wonderful and exciting it is when you get your first client, or any new client for that matter.

That’s when you say to yourself “Yes! It’s working!”

This is the moment when you feel like you’re finally getting somewhere. All the hard work and preparation you put in has come to fruition.


But that’s only the start.

Now the hard work really begins because you’ve got to be able to ‘keep’ that client.

So, ask yourself. How far would you go?

How far would you go to ensure that your clients are happy?

Now I’m not suggesting you do anything illegal or immoral. What I’m asking is, do you have clear client boundaries?

I’m going to use the example of office hours. The time you have allocated to do client work. The times stated on your service agreement clients will sign before any work begins.

Okay. Here goes…

What would you do if a client suddenly called you late one evening...

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7 Steps To Deal With Toxic Clients – Part 1 of 4

It’s not practical to ‘fire’ every single client who causes you grief: Especially if the problem is your own lack of assertiveness and unwillingness to protect your boundaries. Sometimes you want to say no, sometimes you want to say ‘go’ – but what you end up doing (much to your frustration – after all, you’re a business owner; this should be easy-peasy) is putting up with it.

1. Taming Time Suckers
This type of client often pays big but expects an exclusive on your time. He calls, emails, wants your advice on stuff outside of your area of focus, and expects you to fit in unscheduled sessions at the drop of a hat. (You may especially notice that he always wants you to see him or Skype him during hours you have explained are not available – like your evenings and weekends!)

He’ll even phone you or email fifty times on vacation!

If a client is losing you money by sapping time you aren’t offering and cutting into your...

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