The #1 thing you need to attract new subscribers

Wishful thinking that your website visitors will remember your URL once they leave your site is NOT how to market your business! How frequently have you walked into a room and forgotten why? With all the internet’s distractions, do NOT rely on people to remember you.

Instead, give those web visitors a reason to leave their email addresses with you to stay in touch. Once they grant you permission to contact them again, you can customise your offers and make more sales. The more you stay in touch with your email list, the more your audience will know, like, and trust you, thereby increasing your sales and overall revenue.

First, sign up with an email marketing provider. Gmail or Yahoo Mail isn’t a professional look and those platforms won’t allow you to email many hundreds or thousands of people at once; instead, you’ll become known as a spammer and your email account may become disabled.

Research email providers that allow tagging and look at their autoresponder options. Tagging is a simple way to segment your list based upon their interests in your business. If you offer an array of services or programs, you can tag customers based on what they purchased OR which opt-in they claimed.

An autoresponder allows you to schedule prewritten emails to be delivered at certain intervals. This option is especially useful if you want to offer an e-course or if you offer evergreen information to your audience. In case you’re not familiar with the meaning ‘evergreen’, in marketing terms, evergreen is used to describe content, products and strategies that stay relevant over a long period of time.

After you’re signed up, it’s time to brainstorm your opt-in offer. What value can you offer people before they hand over their email address?

Take some time to think this offer through because simply saying, “Sign up for my newsletter” or “Get my updates” are not enough to warrant interest in joining your list.

You need to attract the RIGHT people to your list, so customise your offer to the type of person you want to serve.

Most importantly, think about how you can solve a specific problem with a short piece of content and provide your ideal clients with a quick win. Most frequently these offers are in the form of an eBook, audio, a checklist, or templates. More important than your format is the solution you’re offering. Identify your audience’s struggle, supply 3-5 tips for resolving that struggle, and you’ll attract subscribers who are hungry for more answers.

Keep in mind, you’re not giving away all your trade secrets. Your 3-5 tips are simply a glimpse of what you have to offer. It’s a way to bring new people into your circle of influence and woo them into your programs or into your private coaching calendar with your expertise.

Helpful Resources

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