From board games to big ideas


Last week I ‘fessed up to how I’ve felt lately. Sam and I have both missed our annual outdoor adventures which is partly why my head has not been fully in the game.

One night I was laid on the couch watching something or other on tv when Sam handed me his iPad. He loves sifting through eBay finding vintage Lego and jigsaws.

“Look at that” he said, “There’s a whole pile of board games and jigsaws but look what comes with them for the price!”

I looked. Then looked again in disbelief.

“Shame all the board games and jigsaws come too,” I said teasingly.

Then at the same time, a little light bulb switched on in both our brains. Sometimes we don’t need to say anything to know what each other is thinking.

We both realised that this could be a way to get back into the wider world with minimum impact on other people during the Covid-19 crisis.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not earth shattering!

The board games and jigsaws came stored in a caravan as part of the sale. You bought the contents you got the caravan.

Sam didn’t bid on the sale, to be honest I don’t think the caravan would have moved. What it did do though is give us an idea.

The research began that evening.

Let’s wind back to last year for a moment. In February 2019 when my PC decided to give up the ghost and not turn on ever again, I made the decision to buy a laptop. I had always bought towers in the past as my work machines because of their speed and capacity. Nowadays laptops can be just as powerful if you choose the right one.

I wanted to be able to sit in the garden and work on nice days instead of being chained to my desk. And that’s just what I have done over the last 12 months. I have really enjoyed some lovely afternoons sat under the shade of our Wisteria laden pergola, birds chirping away in the background.

Fast forward back to September 2020.

Within two weeks of our ‘light bulb’ moment we were the proud owners of our Adventure Van!

Yep. We have invested in a caravan. A home from home. Somewhere that only we have access to. Where we can ensure it’s as safe as it can possibly be in this ‘new normal’ world.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but in the current climate, it ticks all our boxes.

• It gets us out of the house (sigh of relief).
• We don’t have to travel far for a change of scenery - an hour’s drive away and we’re in another country.
• We can get back home quickly if Government rules suddenly change.
• We can stay socially distanced.
• We don’t have to use shared facilities which means we can relax at least a little bit.
• We can take our work with us.
• The dogs can come too.

When we started talking about the possibility of going down the road of buying a caravan (excuse the pun), we made a list of things we both wanted:

• Space and height. If any of you live with an ex-rugby player, you’ll understand what I mean.
• Room for the two dogs.
• An extra seating area so we are able to work separately without being on top of each other.
• Onboard facilities - bathroom to you and me.
• Be able to keep warm (me particularly).
• Practical kitchen.

We were really lucky to come across a four-berth caravan which ticked everything above and was within our budget.

It has two seating areas which also convert into beds, a big bathroom with walk in shower. And it came with a large awning giving us another room if we ever need it.

Now the hard work begins.

Apart from getting the caravan ready (Sam’s department), my job is to find out how we can both work online safely, securely and easily whilst we are away.

Before we went down the path of researching and buying any extras to make our plan possible, we decided to go away for a weekend to see how we got on in the ‘new’ living accommodation.

Tune in next week to see how the maiden voyage went and why it’s always good to have a back-up plan.




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