Croeso i Gymru

The last time I stayed in a caravan was many, many moons ago when I used to go on holiday to Scotland as a child with my siblings and parents. I wasn’t quite sure how our maiden voyage would go in the Adventure Van. It’s a bit different when you’re an adult. There’s a lot more to think about.

Having managed to finally book a caravan pitch after calling 6 different camp sites, all we had to do was pack everything we needed, hitch up the van and away we ago.

If only life was that simple.

Unless you do your research before setting off (which thankfully we did) you have to take into consideration the amount your car can tow and the weight of everything you want to take with you. Not to mention the nose weight of the caravan when everything is packed.

Yes, I know. Nose weight. Who knew?

With all the technical stuff checked, backing the caravan out onto a main road was a little bit hair raising. Thank goodness our van came kitted out with wheel movers and a remote control.
With me stopping traffic and Sam on the remote, the caravan swung out beautifully and backed itself safely to the side of the kerb so the hitch could be put onto the tow ball without any drama.

Just over an hour’s drive got us to the campsite in Chirk, Wales.

Croeso i Gymru – ‘Welcome to Wales’

With easy to understand social distancing systems and extremely friendly staff, plus a beautiful sunny afternoon for our first park up, everything seemed to drop into place.

The only real problem we had was we couldn’t get the gas cooker to work that evening. Sam tried for well over half an hour, growing more and more frustrated because it worked at home.

We moved to Plan B. Thank fully we had packed a small microwave and had brought along an electrical kettle. Dinner was still served!

The cooker worked on Saturday morning in time for a full breakfast. After a good night’s sleep, Sam realised he hadn’t turned on the gas isolation switch under the sink next to the cooker. We had a giggle about that over breakfast.

Later that morning we took the dogs for a gentle walk along the canal, had coffee and cake in a local dog friendly café (with very welcoming, masked staff).

In the afternoon we both had a nap – something we haven’t done for a very long time.

I can’t tell you how good it was to be in different surroundings. Just by having two days away I felt like I could tackle the world when I got back into the office on Monday morning. I think we can safely say that the maiden voyage was a success.

Now the research begins to start gathering together the equipment we need to work away from home.

Tune in next week to find out what a VPN is, why it’s as important to have in the home office as much as it is on our travels, and which one I personally opted for and why.


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