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assessment personality Dec 11, 2019

Ask most entrepreneurs about their list of “day job” complaints and most of them will talk about fulfilment, making a difference, flexibility and maybe money. What they won’t say—even though they definitely feel it—is that working for someone else means they have to abide by that person’s rules. And not just when it comes to vacation planning and clock punching.

When you work for someone else, you are required to abide by their rules in all things.

Staff writers work the stories they are assigned—whether they’re interested in the subject or not.

Sales persons represent the product lines the company offers, regardless of other, better options.

Teachers follow an approved curriculum—never mind that students have been shown to learn better with a more updated system.

Not only that, but when you have a day job, you must conform to the company culture as well. Christmas parties may not be optional, even for a true introvert. Open doors may be policy, even if you work best in absolute quiet.

So, you leave the corporate world behind. Finally, you’re going to run your business your way. But then, doubts begin to creep in.

You see that super successful freelancer and she’s always dressed beautifully and perfectly made up, so you begin to think you have to look like that, too. Or you follow another well-known business owner who is continually encouraging you to outsource everything so you can work just a handful of hours each week. Or maybe you stumble across a coach who insists that they only way to grow your following is through live, on camera webinars.

Suddenly, all that freedom you envisioned starts to feel pretty restrictive. Your business is no longer your own—or so you think.

Here’s what you need to remember:

This is your business, and you get to run it your way.

But first you have to know what that means.

For so many of us, we’ve spent so much time trying to conform to what we think is expected of us, that it’s nearly impossible to know what we really want. And not only do we not know what we want, but we don’t know what makes us…

  • Work most efficiently and effectively
  • Happiest and most fulfilled
  • Most comfortable when it comes to working with others

Figure those things out, and you’ll love your business as much as you thought you would when you sit down in your home office for the very first time.

Even better, you’ll be more successful because of it.

To help you answer those burning questions, this week I’m giving away my Business Personality Assessment.

Here’s what it covers:

Step 1: Know Your Personality Type
Step 2: Discover Your Core Values
Step 3: Are You A Lion Or A Wolf?
Step 4: Communication Styles Matter
Step 5: Micromanage Isn't A Dirty Word
Step 6: No-Sweat Networking
Step 7: Know Your Love Language

You’ve nothing to lose by completing the assessment and everything to gain.

You can download you copy here

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