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Hi, I'm Pat Gibson

I'm here to help you love your business business again.  If you're a freelance professional and are feeling overwhelmed with everything in your life, you never seem to have enough time to do anything (in your business and personally), and you feel like you're just surviving, I can help you get back in control, work fewer hours BUT still grow your business and increase your profit.

I believe life is for living, not just for making it through the day!

I fully understand what it feels like to keep pushing yourself. I also know what it feels like to crash and burn in a most spectacular way!

I've created tips, tools and online programmes to provide you with a lifeline to better working practices so you can get back to the world outside your business.

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Each week I share tips, tools and resources to help freelancers lives become a little bit easier.  Sometimes it's words of wisdom, sometimes it's a planner or workbook. It's all free and you're not held to ransom. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Why do I share valuable information for free? Well, besides the fact I know it can help you, I am a great believer in Karma. You get back from the world what you put in. 

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Three Simple Steps to Success

Start with the basics. We've identified three areas to fine-tune in your business that will help you overcome overwhelm and lead to your future success.

Time Management

Part of getting your life on track is to actually understand where your time goes on a daily basis. You need to really know how you spend your time in order to be able to invest it on the stuff that really matters.

Learn how to save time. Download our FREE Resource Directory: Get the Right Things Done Faster! packed with 21 time management tips to help you take control of your time and not only get more done, but do the right things!



Do you know how much money you make on a monthly basis? Do you know where the income streams are coming from? You might be surprised to learn that many small business owners don’t really know what products or services make them the most money. They know how much they make each month but not where it is coming from.

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As every small business owner knows, if you’re not having fun and enjoying your work, it’s tough to stay motivated. And if you’re not feeling motivated, it’s nearly impossible to grow. So many solo-preneurs simply exist, working hard day after day, without ever loving their business, and sometimes even coming to resent the very things they used to enjoy.

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Fed up with where you are with your business? Is it draining too much of your energy? No time to do anything else but work? Make next year your Best Year Ever!


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